Why use BuildSoft’s BIM Expert software for model exchanges?

BuildSoft BIM Expert software NJ OPTIMAL

Sharing BIM models between different software packages is easy if you use a BIM software that is fast, user-friendly, ensures interoperability, and gives you more control over the exchange process. That is what it is BIM Expert software for fluent exchange of building information models which offers you a well-structured environment where you cannot go wrong. Know reasons why BIM Expert is loved and recommended by architects, drafters, and structural engineers alike.

1. One software with endless exchange possibilities

BIM Expert is a plug-in-based software for structural BIM interoperability. Every plugin represents a different software package (“language’) and BIM Expert functions as the translator. BIM Expert currently supports model exchange through plug-ins from and to Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer, Idea StatiCa, SAP2000 and Etabs, CXL format, Diamonds and PowerConnect.

When adding a new plug-in, the well-designed BIM Expert plug-in system opens a world of communication possibilities. Every time adding a plug-in to the current ones, you double the number of sharing possibilities. If having “n” plug-ins, you will have 2x “n” possible exchange paths. Thats why it makes the BIM Expert solution so unique in its kind and its possibilities. Interoperability and making roundtrips have never been easier.

2. Plug-ins which streamline communication

When working with building information modeling (BIM), it’s essential to have software that ties everything together like BIM Expert. Any model you create in Diamonds or Tekla Structures, it’s possible to send to BIM Expert via the correspondent plug-in.

Working with building information modeling software is vital to streamline communication in your structural engineering project and avoid technical “hiccups” or bottlenecks.

3. Backwards version support

Every BIM Expert plug-in supports multiple and earlier versions of the end product. For example, the Tekla Structures plug-in supports exchanging files back to version 20.1!

So it’s possible easily send them to BIM Expert. For example: BIM Expert, can exchange models from Tekla Structures 2021 to version 20.1. As this version also has its own mapping files, cross-sections, and materials, they are neatly converted so that you can work further in Tekla Structures 20.1. There is similar support for SAP 2000 (v20 – v23) and Idea StatiCa (v9 – v21) for improved interoperability with other commonly used structural analysis software.


With BIM Expert, doing BIM in structural engineering becomes a co-working experience. Thanks to BIM Expert’s well-designed structure, it’s possible to share models with other team members within the organization or somewhere else without worrying about the number of plug-ins or licenses. So, all your work is synchronized locally and via your network. Also, with the BIM Expert Server edition, all analysis models and drawings are one click away, no matter your location.

5. Create own plug-in using the BIM Expert API

Another great feature of BIM Expert is the ability to create your own plug-in. Eevery structural engineering project is different, so enjoy the various perks that offered. Also use the flexibility of this software to tie it to your data sources or applications, for example, spreadsheets.

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