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You don’t need to rely on 2D, or 3D models since Elise enables userfriendly algorithm based modelling. And that’s a different process, define variables and requirements of your product, and Elise will do everything else. 3D model with be created automatically, and that’s not it. Generative design means optimisation, and Elise does that significantly without its target – weight, strength, cost – anything. 

Algorithmic modelling. Without the need for coding, you can model algorithmic workflows using ELISE open Generative Engineering platform. Receive realtime 3D CAD feedback and evaluate generated design variants and sort them by any parameter. 

ELISE is a tool that allows building algorithms entirely without the knowledge of scripting or programming. Easy collaboration and integration from spreadsheets like Excel® enables seamless data transition into algorithm. 

Fully featured CAD modelling. Despite its different modelling approach, ELISE has standard modelling capabilities like import and export of significant CAD files, editing and creating utilities like advanced surfacing, feature modelling support, hollowing and thickening, Boolean operations, sheet modelling, filleting, blending and a lot more. There are also tools for algorithm-based model editing that include offsetting, tapering, geometry removal, or replacement with automatically regenerated surrounding data. 

Engineering-grade meshing and FEA. Elise meshing capabilities are topnotch, enables HQ voxel meshing along with 2D and 3D meshes. It uses Altair Hypermesh® FEA software to build full-scale and comprehensive FE models. Topology optimisation and physical simulation reach industrystandard quality because of the integration of OptiStruct®, 3rd party FE solver. 

Additive manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) capabilities are offer and support structure generation, warping analysis, optimisation of build direction, slicing, etc. For this process, Elise enables the integration of thirdparty software. ELISE is the perfect match for problems with up to thousands of variables and hundreds of objectives.

Tadas Petraška


Computational Design Lead

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