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BuildSoft has a solution for calculating steel connections. The software is called PowerConnect. It gives you a fast and efficient way to calculate welded and bolted moment, shear and tubular, column-base connections. PowerConnect uses Eurocode 3 and AISC design codes that are the latest calculation methods. Each connection is defined in no time because of visual input and intelligent default settings, so your main focus is on making optimal connections.

Powerconnect gives you a handy wizard guides you through the definition of the various connected components. You specify the beam and column cross-section and the material, the connecting element’s size, and bolt diameters & bolt grades. You can skip that because there is a shortcut option, you press “OK “, and all those settings stays on default. PowerConnect uses intelligent references to the measurements of used cross-sections so that your connection turns out realistic, even with default settings.

You can import your connections directly from Diamonds or BIM Expert. You no longer need to define different parameters: the connection is immediately available in the 3D representation.

BuildSoft Connections has solutions for several types of connections: moment connections, shear connections, column bases, tubular connections.




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