Computational design

Tired of repetitive work that you do day after day? Want to save up to 80% of your daily job routine? Maybe you have a lack of design ideas? Dreaming about automating your workflow? Now there is a solution for those problems. And it is called computational design. In short terms, algorithms and AI are integrated into your design – manufacturing process, and it will improve your workflow. To create an algorithm, you need to know certain things: boundary conditions and the algorithm itself. The first part is where you shine. You know your field of work the best, so the one and remaining task is to create the algorithm. And here is where we can help you. NJ Optimal team members have skills and knowledge of one of the most popular platform, Grasshopper. We also know a perspective software Elise that can easily modify and calculate your part design in an innovative way. To sum it up, we can provide you with solutions like: Algorithmic workflow (automating everyday tasks), Generative design algorithms, Products database with BIM information, Individual plug-ins and components and a lot more.

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