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Add a real shape to the problem and put it in perspective. Accurately analyse your models in static or dynamic before they turn into reality.

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IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite is a design software with a focus on communication features. The software includes a wide range of tools for 3D visual-based modelling of separate elements and mechanisms according to the pre-defined dimensions and realistic rendering.

IronCAD provides a wide range of functions to improve communications between several departments, including creating 2D drawings, working with colours and textures and advanced exporting features, simplifying the exchange with the objects.

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Rhinoceros logotype

Rhinoceros (Rhino) was created for advanced 3D modelling for design or constructing purposes.

The software provides wide range of tools aimed to work with 3D models including but not limited to geometrical structures, conversion tools, meshes and spaces. Rhino has optimized processing algorithms improving the performance on any hardware including laptops, comfortable UI and Mac version. Advanced visualization tools provide a wide range of possibilities including advanced light direction settings, shapes and shadows and the possibility to create 2D views or drawings based on the model. The software also allows integration with 3D scanning or printing equipment, while the models are detailed enough for such purpose.

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Next-Gen generative design software. Imagine automating your product development process end-to-end. All the disciplines like CAD and FEA works is one environment – Elise environment. Because of its open platform and innovative thinking, it’s possible.

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