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If you are working with landscape and its design, this tool is a perfect fit for you. Lands Design is a plug-in for Rhinoceros or AutoCAD software. You get a lot of benefits using the Rhino version of it. Let’s start by talking about why Rhino is the best in the business. It’s freeform modelling, and you can use it to create an unreal design for your project. While working alongside Rhino, you have support with more than 40 formats for easier interoperability. It works smoothly with Grasshopper and allows users to automate and extend its design options while creating complex parametric objects like terrains or plants. You can even use Grasshopper add ons and combine them with Lands design to analyse, manage data and find the best design iteration possible.

You can easily switch between 2D and 3D displays, change the representation of plants (realistic, conceptual, elevations, or detailed), customise your workspace appearance by changing display modes, organise landscape plan elements in layers for more straightforward modifications. Terrain modelling works well since you can import DEM files from satellite map to assess and analyse landscape characteristics. You can create terrain from points and curves, change terrain properties, and add new contours or boundaries. Lands Design can also work with hardscape, like fences, walls, paths, stairs, or blocks. And it’s all parametric. Any characteristics can filter a massive library of plants, also customised by any parameter. Even seasonal representation of plants is available. And to complete your project, use real-time rendering and virtual tours alongside sun animation.



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