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STRAKON is a 2D / 3D / BIM CAD system for structural design. You can choose the program environment (2D, 3D, BIM) according to project requirements in this case, and it allows you to optimise your time. The most exciting thing, you can edit the Project in BIM or only in 3D or 2D and information updates automatically in BIM. During the design, you can easily switch the environment from BIM to 2D. 

Due to a high degree of modification during planning and construction, a common communication platform and cooperation with many project participants via fast data transfer are very important. Strakon allows you to communicate digitally with all project participants such as contractors, architects, structural engineers, MEP planners, construction companies, etc. 

DICAD is a member of buildingSMART and the structural design group and is actively working on changing planning methods a 3D/BIM processes. 

The CAD software STRAKON offers you: position, overview planning, shop drawings, production and assembly planning, fast, modern and economic planning of design, formwork and reinforcement. 

With STRAKON, you can work on different specialist fields such as Structural engineering, civil engineering, bridge construction, precast construction, semi-construction and much more.



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