Parametric structural engineering tool which provides accurate analysis of spatial trusses, frames and shells.

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Karamba3D is being developed by Clemens Preisinger in cooperation with Bollinger und Grohmann ZTGmbH in Vienna. Interactive, parametric finite element program lets you analyse the response of 3-dimensional beam and shell structures under arbitrary loads. Karamba3D is a parametric structural engineering tool that provides accurate analysis of spatial trusses, frames and shells. It is fully embedding in the parametric design environment of Grasshopper, a plug-in for the 3d modelling tool Rhinoceros. Karamba3D makes it easy to combine parameterised geometric models, finite element calculations and optimisation algorithms.

Grasshopper (GH) is an object-oriented, visual scripting environment. It provides items like points, curves, surfaces for geometric computing. It is an excellent tool for architects, engineers, and designers to solve parametric structures and design questions in the concept design stage.

The tool has third-party plug-ins. An exchange between GeometryGym, Revit, Digital Project, ArchiCAD and other IFC capable software. Sofistik, SCIA, IDEA Statica, Beaver (Timber design according to Eurocode5), etc.

Karamba3d is compelling solutions for structural optimisation in daily engineer work, save time on repetitive calculations of bearing structure. Find the optimal solution in every project in a competitive time.



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