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Visual ARQ is a software adding flexible BIM functionality to Rhino. It gives such features as BIM integration, additional visualisation tools, and processing documentation for 2D and 3D models. The power to automate many modelling tasks through the VisualARQ visual programming components built for Grasshopper 3d. Finally, you can use VisualARQ to collaborate with other tools through the IFC import/export capabilities built into the software.

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LandS Design

Lands Design is the ultimate tool for landscape designers. You can use it in landscape architecture, green infrastructure, forestry, urban planning and visualisations. This software for professionals because of its mighty terrain and BIM/LIM modelling tools. You can choose more than 1800 species of plants, and can you can filter it by any specific criteria – climate, fructification, soil, etc. Lands design software can generate dynamic 2D documentation and parametric and even algorithmic modelling using Rhino and Grasshopper. It supports multiple file formats meaning that you can always share your projects easily. This add-on works with Rhinoceros 3D.

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Architecture BIM

ArCADia, ArCADia PLUS, and ArCADia LT are basic software modules. Work in a CAD environment using BIM tools: object drawing, quick documentation creation. The ArCADia program ends a giant player monopoly on the market of CAD programs, bringing to an end unjustified overpricing and proving that a program with high quality and functionality can be available at a price corresponding to the capabilities of each designer.

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Rhino (Rhinoceros) was created for advanced 3D modelling for design or constructing purposes.

The software provides wide range of tools aimed to work with 3D models including but not limited to geometrical structures, conversion tools, meshes and spaces. Rhino has optimized processing algorithms improving the performance on any hardware including laptops, comfortable UI and Mac version. Advanced visualization tools provide a wide range of possibilities including advanced light direction settings, shapes and shadows and the possibility to create 2D views or drawings based on the model. The software also allows integration with 3D scanning or printing equipment, while the models are detailed enough for such purpose.

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