Who we are

Meet the NJ Optimal team, see who we are and learn more about us!

We, NJ Optimal, provide customers with design, engineering and construction, software development and implementation and consultancy services. We have gathered more than 10 years of experience working with real estate management companies, project owners and engineering, design and fabrication companies. Our main goal is to improve efficiency and collaboration with all participants of the construction process.

Administration team

Arvydas Kublickas
Business Developer

Construction industry technologist with 14 years’ experience. Software selection, customization, installation and training for design, construction and BIM project in the complete lifecycle of the project. At the moment grinding rank in Apex Legends.

Renalda Kublickienė
Office Manager

Sales Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the sales and office management. Skilled in administration, office management, expenses management. Expert of product deployment process. Fashion is my passion.

Hakan EREN Sales Engineer at Nj Optimal
Hakan Eren
Technical Sales Engineer

I have an extensive range of experience in the construction industry. Being consistent, developing new tactics & strategies, organisation and discipline are my finest traits, which benefit the sales department. Interested in online games. Playing PUBG for a while.

Engineering design team

Can Alver Structural design engineer at NJ OPTIMAL
Can Alver
Structural design engineer

Structural design engineer with several years of experience. Skilled in both EN1993 and AISC360 standards, preparing reports, designs and drawings. Providing technical advice & inspecting work undertaken by contractors. New things excite me.

Tunç Gürsoy Structural Engineer at NJ Optimal
Tunç Gürsoy
Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer with 2 years experience. I’ve worked on Performance-Based Nonlinear Analysis and Structural Design of Steel and Reinforced Concrete. Knowledge of some 3D modelling and CAD software. Currently working on my Master Thesis as an Earthquake Engineer. I don’t eat to live, I live to eat.

Gražvidas Savelevas NJ Optimal
Gražvidas Savelevas
Civil Engineer

Civil engineer, with several years experience in structures design. Knowledge in FEM, modelling and drawing software. Interested in design process optimization using algorithms. Strongest characteristic: quick learner. Also amateur footballer and chess player.

Manish Structural Engineer at NJ Optimal
Manish Basti
Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer with 5 years of experience of structural design. knowledge of FEM & modelling software’s, my objective to undertake challenging responsibility in the organization where performance is the yardstick to grow. Also amateur painter & basketball player.

Berkay Civil Engineer at NJ OPTIMAL
Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer with 2 years of experience. Experienced freelance graphic designer for 5 years. Interested in filmography, graphic design and art in general. Could die for a good movie.”Run you fools!” ~some wise old man.

Computational design team

Tadas Petraška
Tadas Petraška
Computational Design Lead

More than 8 years in 3D modelling and 3 years as a team member in NJ Optimal. Authorized Rhino Trainer. Experienced computational-algorithmic design specialist, team leader, and computational design project manager. 90’s Mercedes-Benz and Žalgiris fan.

Hizir Gökhan computational design expert Uyduran at NJ Optimal
Hizir Gökhan Uyduran
Computational desing expert

Graduate building physicist specialized in parametric daylight modeling and genetic optimization with five years of experience. Expert on parametric design, focusing creating workflows and automation tools via visual scripting (grasshopper) and coding (python), graphical representation enthusiasts. Owner of a 80’s city pop music list with 138 followers on Spotify

Ayberk AŞKAROĞLU Junior civil engineer at NJ Optimal
Junior civil engineer

A junior civil engineer. Graduated from ITU which is the best university about civil engineering in Turkey. Trying to develop in computational design and BIM industry. When you stop dreaming you stop living.

Duygu Uyduran architect at NJ Optimal
Duygu Uyduran

Architect with 2 years work experience and more than 9 years experience with 3D modeling. Graduated 3rd place from University. Focusing on architectural and parametric design, competitions and 3D modeling. Placed in top three in SA competition “Medinis Daugiabutis Pastatas 2022” with our team at NJ Optimal. Manga and anime enthusiast since 1999.

Anıl Soydan at NJ OPTIMAL
Anil Soydan
Software developer

More than 8 years experience in c# language. 5 years in unity game developing environment, level designer and backend developer. Certified .Net Mvc web developer. Community leader. Currently proud IT member of NJ Optimal. Game enthusiast in all genres.

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