Structure engineering requires a swarm of functions in one place. These tools combine drafting with design, analysis and simulation.

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Diamonds is a finite element structural analysis software for concrete structures, steel or timber. The types of analysis available include static and dynamic analysis, seismic and thermal (fire safety) analysis, calculation of various loads and related deformations. 

The software can analyse different materials and elements such as steel, concrete, connections and reinforcements. One of Diamonds’ most essential features is the possibility to perform concrete cracking calculation following the plastic features of this material. 

A flexible working environment with graphic input increases productivity and simplifies the working process. It is also possible to fine-tune the software to meet your needs by adding special modules to extend functionality.

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BuildSoft PowerConnect is software for steel connection calculation with the possibility to manage both welded and bolted connections. The visual input and shortlist of pre-defined settings allow to reduce time spent on creating connections. 

The software is compatible with various types of connections, including column base, shear and tubular ones according to applicable standards. It is possible to use either default connection settings or own input settings, including type and number of bolts and other essential details. PowerConnect also provides a possibility to conduct loads analysis, visualise the results as a colour scheme, or create a detailed drawing, including all measurements. All data, models and calculations could be easily exported and used with other tools like Diamonds and BIM Experts.

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BIM Expert

BuildSoft BIM Expert is the solution for establishing connections among different analysis and design software. It supports Diamonds, Tekla Structures, PowerConnect and IDEA Statica. It makes it possible to transfer elements between other software packages while saving essential data and information. 

The tool would also provide model conversion if necessary due to the difference between working environments and formats. Each model could be easily synchronised or shared with others.

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STRAKON is the software for 2D and 3D modelling that offers fast and economical design of structures according to buildingSMART rules. STRAKON is unique for the quick generation of drawings from 3D to 2D environment. Clash detection and multiple users for a project at the same time are available. It also transfers production data for master computer, mesh welding systems, bending machines, lasers, etc. (Unitechnik, PXML, BVBS). STRAKON is suitable for building structure, industrial structure, bridge structure, tunnel structure, power plant structure, structural precast parts. STRAKON is the German market leader in precast structures modelling.

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Structural Analysis

Tackle any structural engineering challenge with this complete design and analysis package. Structural engineers working on buildings, bridges and tensile structures need comprehensive software. Explore our range of structural design and analysis software for buildings, bridges and structures.

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Define and solve the most complex design problems with quick and accurate geotechnical software for analysis of retaining walls, piling, slope stability, ground movement, excavations and tunnelling.

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