BIM stands for Building Information Management software. It centralizes building planning, design and construction process, information and modelling management.

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BIM Vision is a freeware tool for visualising BIM models created in IFC format, allowing customers to view models made with various CAD tools without actually using them. The system allows using additional plug-ins to get access to other features. It is also possible to use API or create plug-ins to cover the parts needed.

Simultaneously, a wide range of plug-ins is already available to generate advanced reports or detect geometrical collisions, providing a comparison of exporting features. Basic functionality also includes tools for working with colours and transparency, measurements and 2D projection.

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ACCA Software

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UsBIM.platform is the largest BIM collaboration platform (Certified by buildingSMART) that creates a shared workspace for everyone engaged in the building process. All data stored in the cloud in the open format to make changes online. The platform works independently from any software or device to achieve full compatibility and simplify access. UsBIM also provides step by step control for managing the building process.

UsBIM.viewer – freeware efficient and straightforward tool to work with IFC files with advanced converting features.

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BIM Expert

BuildSoft BIM Expert is the solution for establishing connections among different analysis and design software. It supports Diamonds, Tekla Structures, PowerConnect and IDEA Statica. It makes it possible to transfer elements between other software packages while saving essential data and information.

The tool would also provide model conversion if necessary due to the difference between working environments and formats. Each model could be easily synchronised or shared with others.

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