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BIM Expert is here to ease your model exchange process between software like Tekla Structures, IDEA Statica, BuildSoft Diamonds, PowerConnect, Autodesk Revit, IFC and XML etc.

The best feature of BIM Expert is the ease of use. Collaboration between different software packages has never been so simple. Share your analysis and design, drawing models between any BIM software you need.

Synchronise model geometry, cross-sections, materials, boundary conditions and loads without effort between your different software products. You will spend no time learning it, as it is easy to use. We guarantee that you will become a pro in a few days.   BIM Expert provides a shared model definition, called Unified BuildSoft Model (UBSM). This format is a language shared between all plug-ins with which BIM Expert communicates. The UBSM file format is based on an Extensible Markup Language (XML), which ensures that files are readable to machines and humans.

With its well-conceived license structure, BIM Expert always has the right solution for you at a clear-cut price. The unique plug-in system can easily be extended so that you can gradually communicate with more and more software products.



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