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BIM Collaboration Platform is created to optimise all the construction supply chain activities, starting from the design phase, construction, and facility management. usBIM.Platform helps professionals of the architecture, engineering and construction sectors (AEC) create and correctly manage BIM models for each discipline in a single data-sharing environment (CDE).

usBIM.platform has the BIM methodology in a single data-sharing environment (Common Data Environment) according to the ISO 19650 standard requirements.


The usBIM.platform:

  • technology that guarantees the correct development of the information flow necessary for the creation of the BIM model;
  • web platform, available from all devices;
  • allows the sharing of any file format for seamless information exchange;
  • based on the IFC standard by buildingSMART;
  • it is scalable and guarantees interoperability with PriMus PLATFORM, the platform for managing works execution and construction site diaries.

Plug-ins. usBIM integrates specific IFC certified plugins by buildingSMART (or currently in the process of being certified) for the correct management of the BIM process.

  • usBIM.viewer+. The free IFC file viewer with which you open, edit, convert and export in the IFC format;
  • usBIMCheck for interference and manage conflicts between federated BIM models (clash detection);
  • usBIM.code check the correspondence of the BIM model concerning rules and regulations (code checking);
  • usBIM.gantt plan your BIM project and optimise the construction process;
  • usBIM.browser browse and manage the digital model and construction documentation online.


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