The complete BIM solution for construction estimating, planning and cost control

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PriMus is various applications for construction estimating and planning. PriMus, PriMus TakeOff, PriMus IFC, PriMus Krono and New PriMus Platform

PriMus can quickly and intuitively get construction and works estimates, estimates and works proposals, construction site material requirements, and construction site costs. Efficiently manage rate analysis for work items, import and export price lists and cost estimate documents in Excel® and Word® file formats. 

PriMus TAKEOFF is the quantity takeoff software that allows you to obtain fast and accurate cost estimates by directly extracting the measurement data from your DWG, DXF, PDF or BMP, JPG project files. With PriMus TAKEOFF extract measurement data straight from files. 

PriMus IFC is the 5D BIM software for automatic and visual quantity. Take off tasks using BIM models saved in the IFC format. Discover the new revolutionary technology that can automatically identify the entity types in your 3D BIM model and guide you in creating the necessary measurement rules. Get quantities and measurements directly from the BIM Objects, associate each object with a rate item and instantly get a detailed cost estimate of the entire Project. The cost estimate up to date with each variation introduced in the BIM Model or the reference Price List. 

PriMus KRONO is the planning and timing software of Project sequence. Time schedules and Planning (Gantt), economic and financial planning. Automatically produce Project Time Schedules directly from the Project’s cost estimate document prepared with PriMus, compare the estimate against works execution activities, monitor tasks, costs, timing and resources, get summary reports and diagrams and export them Word® and Excel®. 

PriMus Platform is the construction site diary where you can record daily site activities quickly and straightforwardly: weather conditions, photos from the site, work execution, workers and equipment, materials. Simplify team collaboration, create reports with a professional layout, service access via mobile devices, cloud-based automatic data saving, and data synchronising across multiple devices.


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