ArCADia BIM Architecture

Software that allows you to carry out building projects to follow the BIM requirements

ArCADia software engineers now have more than 20 years of experience building computer software for the engineering and construction industry. In those years, they created more than 100 different products and produced them into the market. A wide variety of products lets them give every engineer the ability to use ArCADia software and exploit all the advantages they offer.

3D and 2D support is possible in ArCADia software solutions. Because of philosophy and the same data format, ArCADia lets to share your work between other workflows like IronCAD, ZWCAD, BricsCAD or AutoCAD. Don‘t worry about file formats. It uses the most popular file formats in the market to provide the best user experience.

ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE contains specialised architectural functions and options to accelerate documentation creation, including automatic cross-sections, automatic dimensioning or lists creation. Thanks to the BIM technology used, the designer creating the architectural design automatically receives a building’s digital model. The design process can be controlled on the interactive 3D preview at all times. This module expands the ArCADia BIM program’s capabilities with advanced functions, which means that part of the building modelling options is available in the ArCADia BIM program.

ArCADia-LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE module, you can indicate the plot area by fencing it off and inserting its terrain areas, which will become sidewalks, paths, or flowerbeds inserting plants completes the whole process.

ArCADia-IFC RVT, in the new version of the ArCADia BIM system, changes the approach to IFC file reading by importing them without any conversion. The model can be loaded more precisely with all the data of any object for creating each building. And a lot of other modules.

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Learn more about ArCADia BIM Architecture modules in their official site.

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