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BIM stands for Building Information Management software. It centralizes building planning, design and construction process, information and modelling management.


Add a real shape to the problem and put it in perspective. Accurately analyse your models in static or dynamic before they turn into reality.


Construction requires a substantial volume of collaboration and integration between different tools. These products will increase your productivity and efficiency.


Bring your projects from schematic design to visualizations describing all the finest details of your new creation for an easier sell.


Feed your Rhinoceros 3D platform with best apps for Rhino and Grasshopper.


Powerful tools for precise 2D drawings are still valuable. Learn more about what we offer!

How can our experts help?


Learning software by yourself is time-consuming, sometimes ineffective and impossible. But it is essential since the knowledge of software user can move your business to another level. NJ Optimal is capable of providing full-service training and certification solutions for any engineer.


Without a good business workflow, your company does not show the true potential. And this is where NJ Optimal comes. We create a software system that works continuously in every part of your daily job: sales, management, manufacturing, etc.


More than 14 years in this business, we have tons of user cases and experiences and we would be more than happy to share it with you. We will examine how you work today and present the future version of your company. Consultation is absolutely free!

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Arvydas Kublickas
Business Developer / Computational Design / Software

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We help business across all industries – from construction to automative industry.

NJ Optimal klientu atsiliepimai Karolis Sentvaitis UAB Nanoavionics

Karolis Sentvaitis


„We have been in contact with NJ Optimal for many years. They are trusted software suppliers who are always willing to provide advice and effective solutions. I strongly recommend NJ Optimal company.”

NJ Optimal klientų atsliepimas Paulius Stasiulaitis

Paulius Stasiulaitis

Structural Engineer

„I have been working for three years with NJ Optimal products, which are high quality, less known on the market but not inferior. I am satisfied with the products provided by NJ Optimal, they allow you to own and design buildings with strong tools.”

NJ Optimal klientų atsliepimas Algirdas Kulnys

Algirdas Kulnys

Designer – Engineer

”NJ Optimal contacted our company at the right time when we were looking for efficient and automated design solutions. We received a consultation and decided to give it a try and the solution proved to be a success. Now we can do the same job, but much faster.”

Frequently asked questions

NJ Optimal team can give you a free consultancy over MS Teams or live. We would be more than happy to hear about you and find the best solution for your business.

3D modeling expands your design tothethird dimension and with that,you can create more precise and realistic projects and models. Besides visualization, it even helps you to assignplan views, sections, and other drawings to the model, which means if you change something, drawings update automatically. This process reduces overall design time and project mistakes.

You can always reach us out and we’ll send you information on how to learn efficiently.

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