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As a professional in our field, we can help You make the best decisions in building design and construction processes. Many years of experience and a skilled team make us a trustworthy partner and quickly solve all problems. As a consequence, we build a better customer experience. We are looking at things differently. We are helping You to create value.

We can provide consulting at:

Structural engineering design
BIM management
3D model library
Construction management
Software development and selection

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Arvydas Kublickas
Business Developer / Computational Design / Software

We’ve helped over 250 business

We help business across all industries – from construction to automative industry.

NJ Optimal klientu atsiliepimai Karolis Sentvaitis UAB Nanoavionics

Karolis Sentvaitis


„We have been in contact with NJ Optimal for many years. They are trusted software suppliers who are always willing to provide advice and effective solutions. I strongly recommend NJ Optimal company.”

NJ Optimal klientų atsliepimas Paulius Stasiulaitis

Paulius Stasiulaitis

Structural Engineer

„I have been working for three years with NJ Optimal products, which are high quality, less known on the market but not inferior. I am satisfied with the products provided by NJ Optimal, they allow you to own and design buildings with strong tools.”


NJ Optimal klientų atsliepimas Algirdas Kulnys

Algirdas Kulnys

Designer – Engineer

”NJ Optimal contacted our company at the right time when we were looking for efficient and automated design solutions. We received a consultation and decided to give it a try and the solution proved to be a success. Now we can do the same job, but much faster.”


Frequently asked questions

NJ Optimal has a lot of experienced engineers in different design branches. We would be more than happy to share this experience. Knowing and having many different software solutions helps us to create successful projects from A to Z.

It depends on the project and our business. We are always trying to answer terms as fast as possible.

Only if you need live consultations. Commonly we are working from our office and reach you out using MS Teams.

First of all we need informative task description, in this case we can calculate and plan more precisely. Then we are having a meeting where we talk about terms and conditions, sign agreements and start working.

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