BIM for structural calculations with an integrated FEM solver

ACCA Software

BIM technology allows you to draw structural elements in two-dimensional or three-dimensional form by selecting the object characteristics at any design phase. The software has an integrated FEM solver. You can quickly analyse complex structures, even of immense dimensions. The solver is further enhanced by the shell elements’ automatic discretisation function. It allows the designer to consider the various structural components’ actual displacements and define variable thickening between the edges and the shell mesh’s inside.

EdiLus represents the results directly in graphical form through easy to read diagrams or 3D colour maps. Loads, tensions, stresses, thanks to object-oriented technology, can be queried by the user for complete control of the performed analysis.

A powerful diagnostic reporting tool quickly and precisely highlights any modelling errors and regulatory requirement verifications. The detailed explanation of any modelling errors, dynamically connected to the object, guides the user in troubleshooting.

You can automatically produce Calculation and Technical Reports, Calculation Tables, highly detailed Working Drawings, and a Bill of quantities. All construction drawings are composed directly within the program by simply dragging and dropping the single drawings into the layout of the working drawing already pre-formatted with a wide range of title blocks. The Structural design process and the Bill of Quantities phases have integration into a single workflow.

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Learn more about EdiLus in their official site.

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