ArCADia BIM Constructions

Modules to support drafter during the development of reinforced concrete drawings in CAD application

The ArCADia BIM system’s emergence is a logical consequence of the ArCADiasoft philosophy to meet designers’ needs at all project development stages. The system intelligently supports and coordinates all participants throughout the design process in line with BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology while creating a comprehensive building information database. It provides complete control and security at all stages of design while streamlining and accelerating implementation.

With the Reinforced concrete column module, you can manually enter the reinforcement data and capture these data directly from calculation applications: EuroZelbet module of ArCADia-RAMA software and Reinforced concrete column PN-EN of Constructor system. You have the option of copying and inserting readymade columns from the current or past projects.

The Reinforced concrete slab module creates a spatial model of the slab’s reinforcement, allowing further editing and the automatic creation of new slab cross-sections. Based on the data entered by the user, in the form of views of the slab’s top and bottom reinforcement plates and the element’s cross-sections.

The Reinforced concrete component for beams The module allows for object insertion of reinforced concrete elements parameterised in the Lisp script and automatically generates views and cross-sections. The reinforcement of the element can be modified, and the part itself can be additionally reinforced by inserting free-shape rebars. The reinforcement steel lists can be generated automatically. Besides using LISP scripts attached to the program, the user can also create or customise reinforced concrete components.

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Learn more about ArCADia Bim Constructions in their official site.

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