ArCADia BIM MEP Sanitary installations

Model the sanitary installation project following the BIM technology

The ArCADia-GAS INSTALLATIONS allows you to create installation drawings while creating calculation schemes and generating axonometric views and developments. The module will enable you to verify the correctness of the designed installation in hydraulics and equipment selection.

ArCADia EXTERNAL GAS INSTALLATIONS allows you to produce professional design documentation of a gas connection, including an external gas system. The realise on spatial development plans in geodesic base maps or the user’s drawings representing an existing or proposed network, intuitive automatic creation of design diagrams and longitudinal profiles for pipeline routes, including system elements, calculations, pressure verification.

ArCADia-HEATING INSTALLATIONS allows you easily and quickly create drawings using automatically connecting receivers with the installation. Create diagrams, generate axonometric views, automatically select elements taking into account user preferences.

ArCADia-WATER SUPPLY INSTALLATIONS 2 allows you easily and quickly create drawings using automatic connections of draw-off taps with the installation. Create calculations, generate axonometric views, check correctness in hydraulics, and automatically select the library elements.

The ArCADia-SEWAGE INSTALLATIONS module allows for the faster creation of drawings due to automatically connecting devices with the installation while creating calculation schemes and generating developments and profiles.

ArCADia-SEWAGE NETWORKS allows for creating the documentation of sewerage networks and external sewerage installations, including connections. The program considers the types of wastewater and the related division into sanitary, rainwater and combined sewage. The module’s functionality enables object-oriented drawing of spatial development maps through logically connected network elements and sewage systems. Based on the network model drawn on the map, the designer generates additional drawings: profiles, schematics for constructing concrete wells and invert channels. On the generated profiles, it is possible to change the incline and depth of the network. Based on the network model, the program performs hydraulic calculations of the sewerage network: sanitary, combined and rainwater. Finally, the user generates lists and lists of materials, invert channel lists of concrete wells, coordinate listing and data for making a cost estimate.

The ArCADia VENTILATION SYSTEM module allows you to create object-oriented drawings of the internal mechanical ventilation installation on architectural projections of a building while creating calculation schemes. The program gives you the possibility to define channels, insert and edit ventilation devices. It provides access to a library of elements used in ventilation systems, which can expand and adapt to your own needs regarding devices used and types of duct materials.

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