ArCADia BIM MEP Electrical installations

Model the electrical installation project following the BIM technology

ArCADia-ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS 2 Intended for designers of electrical and power equipment systems in buildings and use it to create professional documentation of internal low-voltage electrical systems. The program enables the development of skilled technical documentation required to produce single-line circuit diagrams. The program is designed both for designers of networks and electricity and power systems and for all people working in the electrical engineering industry.

The ArCADia-DISTRIBUTION BOARDS program can be used to create a diagram of a designed switchgear or any circuit diagram and perform necessary technical calculations. An extensive editable library lets you easily design electrical systems with custom parameters.

The ArCADia-LIGHTING PROTECTION INSTALLATION allows to create an installation project to protect the building against a lightning discharge.

The project may cover both single-family building security and creating a full lightning protection system in multi-family and public buildings. The program allows to create a project, check the correctness of its execution (connection of elements and closing of circuits), performs the necessary calculations by the applicable standards and allows to prepare a final report.

ArCADia-POWER NETWORKS allows the creation of professional documentation related to the design of external low-voltage power networks. The program enables object-oriented creation of drawings for external power networks in spatial development plans or the preparation of user drawings showing a power network starting from a low-voltage transformer to a distribution panel in a building.

The ArCADia-TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS module enables the design of external telecommunications networks along the route: initial distribution frame (initial cable end: distribution frame, shallow cabinet, cable box) – telecommunication line route – end distribution frame (final cable ending of line: distribution frame, external cabinet, cable box, cable termination in a building), as well as any configuration of the network with its breakdown into selected components.

All modules expands the capabilities of the ArCADia BIM program with advanced functions, which means that part of the building modelling options are available in the ArCADia BIM program.

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