Software selection and integration

The choice of software can be overwhelming. We are engineers like you and we will help you to select the best match for your requirements. Moreover, we will make sure that the software is smoothly integrated with your existing process.


Project management

Working with the client from the Western Europe for the first time? We will guide you or take the weight of project management off your shoulders. Just focus on what’s your good at, and we will help you with the rest.


Onboarding the personnel

Your personnel will learn the efficient ways of using the software through real projects. A full set of materials will help them continue. There are no ex-clients. Our support team is always there to help you even after the onboarding process is over.



Are you planning to expand your engineering bureau and hire new people? Struggling to improve the efficiency of your business processes or considering to take on a new type of projects? We’ve been there and we’ve seen it all. Let us share our expertise with you!