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Optimal support in the structural design process.

Engineering design solutions

Design structure for construction projects is a complex process that consists of several stages. It requires a team of architects, structural designers, MEP engineers,  technology engineers, project managers and others with a wide range of engineering expertise. The successful design of a building is accomplished when the aim is to create structures that, at the same time, would meet aesthetic and energy efficiency demands, are comfortable and safe to be in. The decisions that engineers make during the project’s design will affect everything from the project cost and duration to the ultimate safety and viability of the structure; therefore, our principal is to optimise and automate design processes using a revolutionary parametric/algorithmic 3D modelling method. With software such as Rhino3D, STRAKON, Diamonds or Oasys we can do it professionally. By applying the most appropriate software and rational solutions, we aim to carry out the BIM environment projects efficiently.

Need some work to do, but you can not hire extra people? You don‘t have to, NJ Optimal can help you with any engineering task. Projects can be sub-contracted, and it does not matter what you design.


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3D model library

If you have a product and want to have it in different file formats, we can easily create it. We create it using algorithmic design so if your products change or you need to put more detail in them, we can update them quite easily.

NJ Optimal 3D model library
NJ Optimal sub contracting


Need more working power? Our team members can expand your design team to fit the design task term. It can be builidng design, models, anything.


As a professional in our field, we can help You make the best decisions at building design and construction processes. Many years of experience and skilled team make us a trustworthy partner and quickly solve all problems. As a consequence, we build a better customer experience. We can provide consulting at: structure calculations, modelling, BIM management, project management; construction management; software selection. We are looking at things differently. We are helping You to create value.

NJ Optimal design consulting
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We help business across all industries – from construction to automative industry.

NJ Optimal klientu atsiliepimai Karolis Sentvaitis UAB Nanoavionics

Karolis Sentvaitis


„Su NJ Optimal bendraujame jau ne vienerius metus. Tai patikimi programinės įrangos tiekėjai, kurie visada linkę pakonsultuoti ir pasiūlyti efektyvių sprendimų. Rekomenduoju naudotis NJ Optimal paslaugomis. ”

NJ Optimal klientų atsliepimas Paulius Stasiulaitis

Paulius Stasiulaitis

Inžinierius – konstruktorius

„Dirbu treji metai su NJ Optimal produktais, tai kokybiškos, rinkoje mažiau žinomos, tačiau ne prastesnės programos. Esu patenkintas NJ Optimal teikiamais produktais, jie leidžia turėti ir projektuoti pastatus su stipriais įrankiais.”

NJ Optimal klientų atsliepimas Algirdas Kulnys

Algirdas Kulnys

Projektuotojas – inžinierius

”NJ Optimal su mūsų įmone susisiekė laiku, kai ieškojome efektyvių ir automatizuotų projektavimo sprendimų. Gavome konsultaciją, nusprendėme išbandyti ir sprendimas pasiteisino. Dabar galime atlikti tuos pačius darbus, tik daug greičiau.”

Frequently asked questions

NJ Optimal has a lot of experienced engineers in different design branches. We would be more than happy to share this experience. Knowing and having many different software solutions helps us to create successful projects from A to Z.

It depends on project and our busyness. We are always trying to answer about terms as fast as possible.

Only if you need live consultations. Commonly we are working from our office and reach you out using MS Teams.

First of all we need informative task description, in this case we can calculate and plan more precisely. Then we are having a meeting where we talk about terms and conditions, sign agreements and start working.

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