Design Engineering

Design structure for construction projects is a complex process that consists of several stages. It requires a team of architects, structural designers, MEP engineers,  technology engineers, project managers and others with a wide range of engineering expertise. The successful design of a building is accomplished when the aim is to create structures that, at the same time, would meet aesthetic and energy efficiency demands, are comfortable and safe to be in. The decisions that engineers make during the project’s design will affect everything from the project cost and duration to the ultimate safety and viability of the structure; therefore, our principal is to optimise and automate design processes using a revolutionary parametric/algorithmic 3D modelling method. With software such as Rhino3D, STRAKON, Diamonds or Optum CS we can do it professionally. By applying the most appropriate software and rational solutions, we aim to carry out the BIM environment projects efficiently. Architectural design, building structures, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design, concept design, consulting, and project execution supervision.

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