Construction management (BIM)

Why is BIM important in construction? Firstly, Building Information Modeling allows the project to simulate construction virtually before built physically, eliminating many design errors and clashes during the construction process. By sharing standard BIM tools, more experienced team members work together with builders through all phases of the project, providing better control over technical decisions around design execution. The optimal ways to construct a project can be tested and chosen early in the project, and the contractor can identify structural deficiencies before building. With the use of visualisations, better design aesthetics can be more easily decided. Construction managers or general contractors can use BIM to extract quantities of work to prepare cost estimates. BIM-based 4D scheduling helps understand the construction components and schedule progress, which results in better construction planning and cost. 5D BIM software for automatic and visual quantity Take off tasks using BIM models discover the new revolutionary technology that can automatically identify the entity types in your 3D BIM model and guide you in creating the necessary measurement rules. We offer by using BIM Construction management: better collaboration and communication, improved coordination and clash detection, improved scheduling/sequencing, obtain the automatic quantity take-off of all the BIM entities used in the project, and visual control of the 3D model entities.

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